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The Young Medical Ethics Network seeks to give young scientists in the field of medical ethics the opportunity to exchange disciplinary and professional information. We are not just interested in exchanging information about the opportunities for further professional development, third-party funding, or different career paths. We also want to use our meetings to present and collectively discuss ideas for research and teaching. Our professed goal is to initiate new collaborations in the field of medical ethics research and teaching between young scientists in the network.


Meetings are planned twice yearly, each taking place in different locations.


First, an open network meeting takes place in conjunction with the annual meetings of the AEM. This open format is particularly suitable for newcomers to medical ethics who want to gain insight into the work of the network and young researchers in the field.


Second, an approximately two-day meeting takes place in January at different event locations. This meeting offers young scientists training on various topics, in particular on (methodological and professional) interdisciplinarity in medical ethics, on questions and strategies of project development ("How do I get from an idea to a project?"), on writing research proposals (e.g. in In the form of application workshops), or on professional opportunities and challenges for young scientists in medical ethics.

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